Nickname(s) "Zoro", "Fox Jesus"
Pokémon Species Zoroark
Level 100
Status Active
Acquired 4d 2h 53m
Attacks Night Slash, Night Daze, Dig, Foul Play

Zoroark is a male Zoroark received as a Zorua by CLY at 4d 2h 53m of Twitch Plays Pokemon Blaze Black 2.

He has a Hasty nature, and is "proud of its power". He has Illusion as an ability.


"Zoro" comes from the species name Zoroark.

"Fox Jesus" is a name for him that started showing up in the chat after he defeated Skyla's Pokémon. Whenever he does something great (like sweeping an opponent's whole team without taking any damage), this name becomes more apparent in the chat.

"Dark Prophet" was a name momentarily used after Skyla's defeat, and was dropped soon after when nobody could agree on what he was the prophet of.


During the fiasco at Mistralton Gym, in which it took nearly a week for the mob to get through because of the fans constantly blowing them back to the beginning, when they finally did reach Skyla, the whole party except Zoroark fainted. When Zoroark was sent out, nobody expected him to be very useful. Despite this, he defeated all of Skyla's remaining Pokémon, which apparently earned him the title of "Fox Jesus".

Zoroark became the fourth Pokémon in Twitch Plays Pokemon history to reach level 100.  Zoroark reached this mark during a run against the BlazeBlack 2 Elite 4.



  • Zoroark is the second Pokémon in TPP to reach level 100 that isn't at least part Water-type, the first being The Oracle.
  • Zoro once belonged to N, and thus has a sort of "sparkle" around him when he is sent out while at the back of the party or when any other party members behind him are fainted. This has led some to believe that he is shiny; however, he isn't. If he was, his claws, markings, and mane would all be purple instead of red.
  • Sometimes when Zoro is sent out, his Illusion ability works so well that the mob actually mistakes him for the Pokémon he's disguised as, even when the dialogue box asking what he'll do specifically refers to him as "Zoroark".
    • This has also led some to believe that other members of the party have learned moves they are incapable of learning without hacking the game.

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