Nickname(s) "Zexninja"
Pokémon Species Shedinja
Level 22
Status Active
Acquired 3d 19h 56m
Attacks Leech Life, Harden, Fury Cutter, Cut
Gender Genderless

Shedinja, also known as "Zexninja", is a Pokémon that A received after evolving . TT.

She has a Timid nature.



Zexninja became a popular nickname because of the belief that Zexy's soul has merged with Shedninja.


Some very popular lore depicts Zexy's soul as have being transferred into Shedinja, either being Zexy himself, or as being a spirit to guide the shell to greater glory. There has also been lore showing Shedinja as being a suit of armor.

Others also believe that Shedinja has not only absorbed Zexy's soul, but also the souls of all the Pokémon A has released thus far.


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