Nickname(s) Yuki
Pokémon Species Whismur
Level 18
Status Released
Acquired 0d 5h 44m
Lost 1d 9h 10m
Attacks Supersonic, Echoed Voice, Astonish, Howl
Gender Male

Yuukt22y!ipp,otherwise known as Yuki, is a Whismur that Arty caught during his adventures in Hoenn.

He has a Docile nature, has Soundproof as an ability, and was caught at 0d 5h 44m. He was later released at 1d 9h 10m.


Yuki always sat in the party rarely seeing action, and managed to avoid negative attention. This earned him a small following that extensively mourned his release in the chat the following day.


Yuki could be derived off of the first 4 letters of his name.



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