Nickname(s) Yugi, Yugi Love
Pokémon Species Popplio
Level 14
Status Traded
Acquired 0d 0h 27m
Lost 12d 13h 50m
Attacks Disarming Voice, Growl, Water Gun, Pound
Gender Male

!!!yg''l'v, otherwise known as Yugi Love, was the starter Pokémon of Nigel in Twitch Plays Pokémon Sun.


After being selected, he was boxed within 2 hours, due to Pokémon Sun allowing players to choose which Pokémon to send to the PC. As he was in the first slot, he was chosen to be sent to the PC. He was later recovered for a brief period before the same mechanic sent him back to the PC again, where he remained until he was traded away during postgame play.


Yugi was interpreted in lore as being the reincarnation of a pharaoh and ruling over the PC.


  • Yugi is the first Water-type starter to not make it into the Hall of Fame.
  • His depiction as a pharaoh is a reference to Yugi Muto of Yu-Gi-Oh!, who plays host to a pharaoh's spirit.

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