Nickname(s) Y4
Pokémon Species Azumarill
Level 100
Status Active
Attacks Surf, Aqua Jet, Strength, Hydro Pump
Item Leftovers
Gender Female, Male (temporarily)

YYYYXOOOOO, also known as Y4 is an Azumarill caught by Cyan during Run 19 (Pokemon Prism).

At 2d 23h 44m a glitch occurred where Flaaffy was replaced by a hybrid clone of Fifi and Y4.

She proved to be a valuable member of the team during the attempts against the Elite Four, sweeping Daichi's Ground-types with powerful water attacks. On the 36th attempt at the Championship and the ninth fight against Lance, she ended up being the final member of the team left standing after Lance's Salamence managed to finish off Fifi and Bun-E and Garchomp took down Leervitar. She proceeded to use her powerful water attacks to take down 5 of Lance's Pokemon, earning Cyan the championship and entering the Hall of Fame.

During the postgame, a Koffing was caught in a shiny ball, turning it shiny. This changed Y4's stats, turning her shiny and changing her to male. Her gender was later reverted but she remained shiny.

She was the first of Cyan's team to reach level 100.


  • Y4 is a reference to both the first 4 letters of her ingame nickname and the previous two Azumarill caught during Twitch Plays Pokémon M4 and T4.

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