This article is about the Tepig chosen in Twitch Plays Pokemon BlazeBlack 2. For the Tepig chosen in Twitch Plays Pokemon Black, see the Commander.
Nickname(s) "Wilbur"
Pokémon Species Emboar
Level 100
Status Active
Acquired 0d 0h 18m
Attacks Brick Break, Flamethrower, Earthquake, Heat Crash

VVUU, also known as "Wilbur", is the starter Pokemon of CLY in Generation 5.5. Chosen as a Tepig, he became the second Pokémon to complete his evolutionary chain in BlazeBlack 2, after ,’ % @ - PVG, thanks to the evolution-forcing code implemented by the Streamer.

He has a Lonely nature, and is "highly curious". He has Blaze as an ability.


Due to the forced evolution code and the stream's ability to avoid releasing him, he became the first fire starter ever in Twitch Plays Pokemon history to reach its final evolutionary stage.

Wilbur became the first fire starter chosen by the stream to make it into the Hall of Fame.

After defeating the Elite Four, while playing the post-game of Black 2 during the Black2-X intermission, Wilbur reached level 100.  He was already in the Hall of Fame before reaching this level.


VVUU is either referred to by his species name or by the name "Wilbur", which comes from a series of community operations with references to the book Charlotte's Web.

As with the first Tepig owned by the stream, he is also called "Bacon" in certain contexts.


  • At level 100, Wilbur is the highest leveled starter ever in Twitch Plays Pokémon, and also one of the few to not be released.
  • Wilbur became the 7th Pokemon in TPP history to reach level 100, and the fourth in BlazeBlack2.
  • He became the third starter, after LazorGator and Trumprava to reach the Hall of Fame.
  • Wilbur is the first Fire Starter to ever make it through the entire run without being released.
  • Wilbur's Name has 2 V's in, but some people thought it was a W, hence his name.