Whismur v
Nickname(s) Whismur the Fifth
Pokémon Species Exploud
Level 69
Status Active
Acquired 1d 7h 1m
Attacks Boomburst, Echoed Voice, Flamethrower, Stomp

Whismur v, otherwise known as Whismur the Fifth is an Exploud that Arty caught as a Whismur during his adventures in Hoenn.

Like Yuki, the Whismur before him, he has Soundproof as an ability. He was caught at 1d 7h 1m. He evolved into a Loudred at 2d 4h 26m and into an Exploud at 6d 8h 5m.



Whismur the Fifth is based on the Roman numeral for 5 is V. This also reflects the naming system where a child is given their parent's name followed by the generation to have that name, in this case the fifth generation to be known as Whismur.



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