Wally ORAS
Character Data
Age Teenager
Gender Male
Season Gen 3 Season 2
Alignment None
In-Game statistics
Title Rival
Status Alive

Wally is the secondary rival of Pokemon Randomized Alpha Sapphire. He is described as a meek and sickly boy who personifies the idea of determination and improvement as he becomes healthier and stronger over the course of the protagonist's journey, all culminating in him being the final obstacle of Victory Road.

In Twitch Plays Pokemon Randomized AlphaSapphire, Wally originally caught a Ralts using Norman, Nina Q's dad, Zigzagoon. However, upon meeting him in front of the Mauville City Gym trying to convince his uncle to let him challenge Wattson, he battled Nina using a Lucario. He was seen again in his home town of Petalburg City as his dad thanked Nina and Norman for helping his son to recover and gave Nina HM03 Surf as a token of gratitude. He was once again spotted as a cameo in Ever Grande City after the Hivemind caught Kyogre and saved the Hoenn Region.

When the Hivemind saw Wally once more, it was in a special room before the exit of Victory Road filled with roses. It was here that the two rivals had their final battles, Wally beating Nina several times before eventually losing.

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