The Vietnamese Crystal Game Crash occurred on July 7 2015 at roughly 9:07 AM and lasted for just over half a day. It was caused by Pokémaniac Donald in the Goldenrod Underground being defeated. This triggered a bug that resulted in the ROM hack believing it was being played on an incompatible Game Boy.

When the stream was restored, it was back at Ilex Forest, prior to the events of TPTM. This resulted in losing 50 days of progress and losing several Pokémon, including FAKE, ????, DEKU, GAY, and DADA. Due to problems on the streamer's end, the save created after defeating the Rocket hideout was corrupted. Half a day after the crash, at roughly 22:44, the save was restored to a time between clearing out the Rocket Hideout in Mahogany Town and challenging the gym.


Due to the message given after the crash (BULLET GIVEN BY BET-BOY), this has been interpreted as Baba being shot, possibly over gambling debts or for vengeance for her interference in Team Missile Bomb's operations, and she is currently in a coma reliving her adventure. Alternately, Celebi grabbed her before she was shot and transported her back through time.

The identity of Bet-boy is so far unconfirmed, but suspects include Pokémaniac Donald, Napoleon, or an unknown being.


A save file from 5 days before the crash was eventually recovered and put in place by the moderator Revo, resulting in the loss of a badge but keeping the team intact.

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