Vermilion City is a port city located south of Saffron City. It is famous for its port where the S.S. Anne docks.

Notable locationsEdit


The S.S. Anne (and later the S.S. Aqua) temporarily docks in Vermilion City dock. Many passengers were willing to battle in their private cabins while on the ship. The captain of the S.S. Anne gave out the HM01 Cut to those who helped him overcome his illness. There was also a truck at the docks which could be moved with Strength to reveal a lava cookie, though in Anniversary Red it was the hiding place of the legendary Pokémon Mew. In Anniversary Crystal, Team Rocket seized control of the S.S. Anne and crashed it.

Pokémon Fan ClubEdit

The Pokémon Fan Club is a club consisting of fans of Pokémon, where they gather and chat about their favorite Pokémon. The president of the fan club has a voucher for a free bike which can be redeemed at the Bike Shop in Cerulean City. After the Magnet Train is built, one of the club members finds a Pokédoll that he wants to keep, but gives it up upon finding out it belongs to a little girl in Saffron City who was upset over losing the doll.

Vermilion GymEdit

The leader of Vermilion Gym is Lt. Surge. He locked himself behind a pair of electronic switches and hid the switches under bins or in holes. The trainers in his gym are all ex-military personnel.

Notable residentsEdit

Lt. SurgeEdit

Main article: Lt. Surge

Lt. Surge is an American army pilot who specialises in Electric-type Pokémon but has previously used Ground-type and Bug-type Pokémon.

Pokémon Fan Club PresidentEdit

The president of the Pokémon fan club. His favorite Pokémon is Rapidash, as he likes to fall asleep near its warm mane. For boring the player too long, he gives them a voucher for a free bike.

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