Amazingly, Twitch Plays Pokemon has hit its 150 day anniversary.  We have almost completed eight different playthroughs, along with a complete campaign on an intermission game.  And despite lower viewer counts as compared to TPP's hay-day during Red, the community still seems strong and willing to continue on with what may be the most unique multi-player experience ever.

I can recall when Red was coming to an end, there was a lot of questioning, and some worry, as to the future of TPP.  Many people, including, I'll admit, myself, thought that after the first run the hype would die down and people would lose interest.  Indeed, both things occurred to some degree, and a few days into Crystal, with major infighting occurring in both the subreddit and the stream's chat over LazorGator's sweeping of opponents, the future of TPP looked quite bleak.  But, after a few releases of some well-liked Pokemon, a little movement started that would change everything: Operation Love.  With well-loved Burrito as its symbol, the movement brought the community closer together, and players, artists, story-tellers, strategists, and all banded together to create a really unique run, with perhaps the best overall story in my opinion.

So it is only fitting that now, as we hit the 150 day mark in TPP's history, OPERATION: LOVE BOMB, a new movement that calls back to the original Operation Love has been born.  With the subreddit flooded with artwork of Burrito and thank-you statements to the community, it is quite clear that the TPP community is still strong, even if it is smaller now.

Sure, we've seen PC Shuffles and infighting that have put people at odds with each other.  We have seen bans to major figures in the TPP community that have left some people scratching their heads as to why.  Trolls and bots have attacked, and even some players who used to be serious players put on troll-hats themselves, out of either boredom or curiosity.

We've lost great 'Mon, including a Legendary and Fossil Pokemon.  We've completed a run where evolution-cancelers ensured we never evolved a 'Mon.  We've released nearly countless fire-starters.   We've even soft-resetted a few protagonists before we ever got to know them.

All of these things could have destroyed the community.  Yet somehow, we have always rallied back, came together, and after some grinding complete the game.  There is something beautiful to be found in that.  150 days after the start of what the Streamer himself thought wouldn't be very successful, with a World Record under our belts seven completed Pokemon games, we are still here, guiding teams to the Hall of Fame.

So enjoy this day, and feel the love.  Each and everyone of you has earned it.  And here's to 150 more!


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