• Crimsonburn27

    150 Days of TPP

    July 13, 2014 by Crimsonburn27

    Amazingly, Twitch Plays Pokemon has hit its 150 day anniversary.  We have almost completed eight different playthroughs, along with a complete campaign on an intermission game.  And despite lower viewer counts as compared to TPP's hay-day during Red, the community still seems strong and willing to continue on with what may be the most unique multi-player experience ever.

    I can recall when Red was coming to an end, there was a lot of questioning, and some worry, as to the future of TPP.  Many people, including, I'll admit, myself, thought that after the first run the hype would die down and people would lose interest.  Indeed, both things occurred to some degree, and a few days into Crystal, with major infighting occurring in both the subreddi…

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