Let's just say you'd be hard pressed to find it.

Exhibit A: A Blastoise nicknamed CUNT, which is a slang term for female sexual organs.

Exhibit B: The chat's reaction to Pokémon who are level 69, a well known oral sex position.

Exhibit C: I just witnessed a conversation in which 2 people discussed having sex with Vaporeon, Machamp, Moltres and Dark-type, Fighting-type and Fire-type Pokémon.

Exhibit D: Several spammers posted about being administrators from PornHub and claimed to be looking for one chat user, having noticed his absence and filled his video feed with Starmie porn for when he returns.

Exhibit E: A female Poliwag nicknamed ORGY, which is a term referring to having multiple sexual encounters in one place. This, in addition to BEST and EVER, means that at the current time, Baba's team consists of BEST ORGY EVER.

I think I've made my point.

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