Nickname(s) Umbrellagator
Pokémon Species Feraligatr
Level 100
Status Active
Acquired 1d 21h 4m
Attacks Waterfall, Strength, Surf, Ice Beam

U2E!☂☂☂M☂’, otherwise known as Umbrellagator, is a Feraligatr that CL Y ., owns.

He has a Lonely nature, and is "highly curious". He has Torrent as an ability.



When Umbrellagator was nicknamed people input a lot of Umbrella symbols, thus earning him the nickname Umbrellagator. There was also controversy naming it Parasol Croc, but was only mentioned by a few people.



  • Umbrellagator became the fifth Pokemon in TPP history to hit level 100, and the third to at least be part water type.
  • At level 100, Umbrellagator has passed the end level of LazorGator, Generation Two's famous Feraligatr.

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