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Between the Gen 2 (Pokemon Crystal) and Gen 3 (Pokemon Emerald) playthroughs, the streamer played some episodes from the Pokemon anime via Game Boy Advance Video: Pokémon, I Choose You!.  These episodes came from a GBA cart.

Video over the streamEdit

While the videos played over the stream, input controls were left active, meaning that players could still input gameboy commands.  This led to the video being fast-forwarded, rewinded, and paused very often.  The effect was said to be similar to "watching a Youtube Poop" according to many users.  Some users began calling it "Twitch Plays with the Remote" or "Twitch 'Plays' Pokemon".

TwitchPlaysPokemon watches Pokemon ICE GUNS WE'RE PACKING!-112:35

TwitchPlaysPokemon watches Pokemon ICE GUNS WE'RE PACKING!-1

YTP "Twitch Plays Pokemon" makes a Youtube Poop Video31:26

YTP "Twitch Plays Pokemon" makes a Youtube Poop Video

I've been soaked!

Episodes playedEdit

  • Pokemon - I Choose You! (Pokemon s01e01)
  • Here Comes the Squirtle Squad (Pokemon s01e12)
  • Chaos Control Freaks (Sonic X s01e01)

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