Nickname(s) Trumprava
Pokémon Species Vibrava
Level 86
Status Active
Acquired 0d 0h 6m
Attacks Trump Card, Magnitude, Bone Club, Hammer Arm

Trumprava, nicknamed , in game, is a Vibrava from Randomized HeartGold and is aoooo's starter Pokémon. She has an Impish nature and "loves to eat." Her randomized ability as a Vibrava is Arena Trap.


Despite the Streamer disabling the requirement that Starters have three evolutions, citing the Hivemind's inability to avoid releasing their starters, Elm's Totodile was initially randomized to be a Trapinch. With her signature moves Hammer Arm and Trump Card, Trumprava was a key reason the early game was considered relatively easy compared to other playthroughs by players. Trumprava would remain the game's strongest Pokémon until the Elite 4, only upstaged by the short stay of Kenya the Groudon.

Name Edit

Originally assigned no in-game nickname, aoooo's Trapinch quickly began to be called Trumpinch after learning what eventually became her signature move Trump Card. At 5d 7h 58m, she was renamed DDDDNNNNNN. Shortly after, at 5d 8h 1m, she was re-renamed to ,. It would remain her nickname for the rest of the run. She evolved at 7d 4h 27m, at which point she took on the name Trumprava.


During the early stages of the run, Trumpinch's personality tracked closely with that of aoooo. Trumpinch was rarely depicted as speaking or taking on other human-like traits that had been assigned to party members in previous runs. This mirrors the depiction of aoooo herself; her portrayal as a werewolf made her a more animalistic character than previous hosts. As the run progressed and began to develop the fossil gods theme for which it is remembered, depictions of the now-evolved Trumprava moved toward a more sophisticated characterization, although she remains the only member of the party that defeated Alice on Mt. Silver to not be directly associated with divinity, either as a fossil god or a prophet thereof. She is therefore sometimes considered to be a bit of an outsider among the party, which is unusual considering her status as a starter and mainstay in the party throughout the run. Perhaps because of this, Trumprava is almost always considered to have the closest relationship to aoooo out of the entire party.


  • As a Trapinch, she had Anger Point as an ability.
  • She is the second starter in TPP history, after LazorGator, to enter the Hall of Fame.
  • She shared her given name, ,, with the starter from the the next generation, the Commander.
  • Curiously, she never managed to evolve into a Flygon, due to her evolution being constantly cancelled.