Nickname(s) "Treesus", "Sniperwoodo"
Pokémon Species Sudowoodo
Level 80
Status Active
Acquired 2d 21h 45m
Attacks Surf, Cut, Strength, Rock Wrecker

A, more commonly known as Treesus, is a Sudowoodo caught as Bonsly and evolved by aoooo in Randomized HeartGold.

He has Naive nature, and a "sturdy body". He has Sniper as an ability.


Treesus was the first Pokemon to evolve in Generation 4.5.  Originally a Bonsly, Treesus evolved into a Sudowoodo at 3d 22h 32m.

Treesus was part of Aoooo's team from the time he was caught in the early game. He was the first Pokemon to evolve, effectively securing a spot on the party with that. In the midgame A had many clutch moments, usually brought on by his Sniper ability and timely crits.

Treesus was the only Pokemon on aoooo's team not KOed and dealt the final blow when Alice was defeated.Treesus was the only member of the "Original Six" besides Vibrava to be in the final team.


Treesus shares the common "A" name that has appeared in all TPP runs so far. His nickname Treesus comes from his midgame battle actions, which were often perceived as 'clutch'. His nickname and the way he acquired it are similar to that of Bird Jesus.

Personality (Lore)Edit

Treesus is considered by some to be a "Prophet of Root" and is sometimes called Treesus for that reason. This was especially prevalent when Aoooo had a Root Fossil in her bag, but it ended up being sold.

Like Bird Jesus from Generation 1, Treesus is a Pokemon that was initially held in low regard by viewers but overcame this with incredible battling.

Treesus is also portrayed as a sniper, due to his ability (Sniper), and at one point Treesus held a Scope Lens, which furthered this idea.

Art from the midgame often showed Treesus with a scarf, because for a time he was given the Choice Scarf to wear.

Treesus is sometimes interpreted as an unlikely hero, considering his underleveled status despite being the Pokemon to defeat Alice after the Chat gave up on the attempt.


  • He is the first Pokemon to both evolve first and become fully evolved in the HeartGold run.
  • Treesus was the last Pokemon on Aoooo's team and struck the final blow to Alice on Mt. Silver.

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