♀♀0♀♀ ::.
Nickname(s) Transhinx, Moonflash
Pokémon Species Shinx
Level 32
Status Released
Acquired 0d 2h 1m
Lost 11d 20h 51m
Attacks Cut, Leaf Blade, Flash, Uproar
Item Exp. Share
Gender Male

♀♀0♀♀ ::., otherwise known as Transhinx or Moonflash, was a Blaziken caught as a Shinx by Pepe during Run 18 (Randomized Platinum). He was randomized to Grass-type.

He was deposited into the PC about eleven hours into Day 2 at Level 30, and was later withdrawn on Day 3. He was released on Day 11.


There was a split in opinion as to whether to evolve Shinx or not. Those in favor of evolving him used phrases such as "Spam A" in an attempt to drown out those opposed, while those opposed used the phrase "Keep Shinx Cute", evoking the phrase used to justify keeping Sparkles, Napoleon's Shinx, unevolved.

After he was deposited, attempts were made to retrieve him, which have succeeded twice but have yet to prove to be permanently successful.

Following the completion of the run, he was withdrawn in Democracy mode and given the Exp. Share. He evolved into first Murkrow then Blaziken shortly afterwards.

He was released shortly after evolving.


He is theorised to be a descendent of Sparkles.


  • Transhinx, and his later nicknames Transkrow and Tranziken, is a reference to his ingame nickname containing many ♀ symbols, implying he may be transsexual.
  • Moonflash is a reference to Sparkles, otherwise known as Sunshine, and his knowledge of the move Flash.

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