The Second Great PC War was a PC Shuffle during the first day of Twitch Plays Pokemon Platinum. It was an extended period of PC usage that resulted in the release of two Bidoof and Napoleon's starter, Chimchar.


It is generally believed that the SGPCW was caused by a brief PC encounter hours before. Where a pair of Bidoof, a Shinx, and a Starly were all deposited to free space in the party for future captures. After the Party was full again, the Mob returned to the PC to get Starly out, and began to deposit everything they had.

In an effort to retrieve their party, Oreo the Bidoof was released. Several hours without progress later, Chimchar was also released. The Mob, now in a panic, began to attempt to withdraw Budew without releasing anyone else. After numerous hours of trying, they released another level 3 Bidoof.

The War finally ended at 0d 19h 30m when Budew was safely withdrawn to join a Shinx and Bidoof in the party.


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