The PWT conflict was an ongoing event caused by the fact that the game requires the player to participate in a round of the PWT tournament to progress, but to do this requires going through a complicated menu system; to make matters worse there is a PC three tiles to the left of the NPC that needs to be talked to to enter the tournament.  This turned attempts to enter the tournament into a tug of war between the trolls who wanted to release the party and stall game progression and the rest of the hivemind who wanted to enter the tournament.

It should also be noted that once inside the tournament it's possible forfeit by hitting 'run', and then choosing 'yes' on the menu that the command will trigger. Doing this would've lead to the player character being ejected from the tournament and having to reenter, putting the hivemind back to square one.

Operation ShieldEdit

Operation Shield was a proposed operation to spam a set of coordinates ( It involved progressing through the PWT menu when used in that menu, while simultaneously preventing Pokemon from being released long enough for the Hivemind to initiate the emergency PC shut down code (B+X+[any direction but up])


up+a+255,140 was proposed when in the menu to help progress through it faster, thereby giving the trolls less time to prevent tournament entry. However, this variant did not protect against the PC as sufficiently as the other methods.

Spam Left Since the PC is to the right of the Tournament Entry NPC trolls often spammed right to get to it. By spamming left the Hivemind pushed themselves away from the PC.

Let the trolls help us Because the trolls spam right, others took to the idea of after spamming left to let the trolls pull us to the Tournament Entry NPC while the rest of the Hivemind focused on up+a+255,140 to get into the PWT menu.



After many failed attempts, the Hivemind eventually succeeded in entering the tournament without releasing any Pokemon, and managed to play through it without aborting the run (though there were a few close calls). After beating the tournament, a massive B+down spam arose in the chat and the Hivemind ran away from the PWT with the party completely intact.

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