xrr♂ ♦
Nickname(s) "The Oracle", "Doot Doot", "Stare Jesus"
Pokémon Species Xatu
Level 100
Status Active
Acquired 4d 3h 13m
Attacks Fly, Amnesia, Whirlpool, Mist Ball
Item Nugget

  xrr♂ ♦, also known as The Oracle, is a Xatu that aoooo caught at the Lake of Rage in Generation 4.5. She was a randomized version of the Red Gyarados normally appearing there. She was the first Shiny Pokemon that the Hivemind has caught. She was last seen holding a Nugget.

She has a Bashful nature, and "likes to run". She has Hustle as an ability.


With a mere 5 Pokeballs, the Chat went to the Lake of Rage to catch the "Red Gyarados." When they arrived, it was a shiny Xatu. It took four of those five Pokeballs for the chat to catch their first ever Shiny. Immediately Xatu earned a spot in the final party. Her signature ability was fly, taught while stranded on Cianwood Island after defeating Chuck. Although Fly could often miss multiple times, it was powerful enough that Xatu eventually reached level 100 before defeating Alice.


Initially, Xatu had no nickname. However, at 5d 8h 0m, she was renamed xrr♂ ♦.

She is often called The Oracle due to its status as the Mystic Pokemon and in keeping with the Gods and Magic theme of the run.

She is also sometimes called Stare Jesus due to her species trait of staring for long periods of times.

Her Doot Doot nickname is a reference to her species cry.


The Oracle is usually portrayed as a wise and extremely stoic character. The primary factor for this characterization is the canon description of Xatu in various Pokédex entries. According to these entries, Xatu is known for for standing perfectly still for days at a time while seeing the future. The mystic element of the species' nature fits well with the mystic and divine themes of the HeartGold run, solidifying the Oracle's role as precisely what her nickname suggests within a team of gods and prophets.


  • Xatu was the first Shiny ever captured by TwitchPlaysPokemon. She was the fifth encountered shiny Pokemon (including the Red Gyarados from Crystal).
  • The Oracle became the third Pokemon in TPP history to reach level 100, behind M4 from Emerald and the Oracle's teammate Lard Helix.
  • Xatu is the first Pokémon in TPP to reach level 100 that isn't at least part Water-type, the second being Zoroark.

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