The Groudon War was a furious battle over the PC , reminiscent of the Gator Wars from Crystal .


During Day 2 of the Randomized HeartGold run, the Chat obtained a Groudon from the guard north of Goldenrod. This Groudon, obtained in place of the usual Spearow, knew four powerful attacks and had Water Absorb as an ability.

Groudon almost immediately became a controversial figure, with some calling for its release while others celebrating their new Legendary.

Eventually, while traveling to Ecuteak City, the Chat was attacked by a small botnet determined to send Aoooo due east to deliver Groudon to a trainer on Route 31. Although the botnet left after the Chat discovered the trainer would only accept a Spearow, the debate over Groudon had blossomed into a full-scale war. Eventually the Chat whited out in the midst of their struggle, and tensions cooled.

The War re-ignited after visiting Bill , however. As in the chaos of trying to find out what ability their new Gloom had, Chat accidentally removed Groudon's protective mail. Now open to release, the War flamed up quickly outside of and eventually inside the Goldenrod Pokemon Center. After an extended struggle over the PC, and several near deposits of everyone from Diglett to Groudon itself, Chat escaped the Center.

This battle would flare up again on Day 3 and 4 of HeartGold, leading to a growing sentiment that the Groudon War was in fact a direct repeat of the Gator Wars. Including a growing pessimism that the Wars would only end once someone is released.

It was soon deposited into the daycare, causing many to call for its retrieval.

The chat attempted to rescue it many times, but the never did until after beating Team Rocket, and the Treaty of Cianwood happened.

Kenya was released on 6d 17h 53m.

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