This article is about the Tepig chosen in Twitch Plays Pokemon Black. For the Tepig chosen in Twitch Plays Pokemon BlazeBlack 2, see Wilbur.
Nickname(s) Commander Bacon
Level 19
Status Released
Acquired 00h 03m 40s
Lost 1d 13h 36m
Attacks Flame Charge, Defense Curl, Ember, Smog

,, also known as the Commander, or Commander Bacon, was a Tepig that Jimmy received at the beginning of the Pokemon Black playthrough. He was released at 1d 13h 36m.


Commander Bacon's name comes from its species, the fact that he was the first Pokémon received in Pokémon Black, as well as the comma that makes up his name.


He was a target of many trolls, and was eventually released, following the same fate as all of the other fire starters before him, falling victim to the Fire Curse.


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