Nickname(s) Taco, Scumbreon
Pokémon Species Umbreon
Level 59
Status Active
Acquired 0d 0h 0m
Attacks Secret Power, Screech, Mean Look, Taunt
Item TM19 Giga Drain
Gender Male

Taco is the Umbreon owned by A the 7th during Gen 4 (Colosseum), alongside Nacho the Espeon.


Taco tended to be badly behaved early on, attacking his team mates, stealing attacks and taunting his foes. This earned him the nickname Scumbreon. Later in the game, he lost much of his aggressive nature.


  • Taco is a homage to Burrito from Crystal.
  • Scumbreon is a portmanteau of the derogatory term scum and his species name Umbreon due to his habit of attacking his partner Nacho and general bad behavior.

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