The Twitch Plays Pokemon room on is a community music room for followers of TPP to collectively listen to music while enjoying the stream or partaking in different community activities. It was opened sometime around the events in the Team Rocket HQ during the Gen 1 (Pokemon Red) playthrough.


While the room was started sometime during the events of the Team Rocket HQ during Gen 1, it was initially private. The room became public sometime towards the end of the Gen 2 (Pokemon Crystal) and beginning of the Gen 3 (Pokemon Emerald) playthrough. It has seen peaks of over one-hundred listeners at a given time. Sometime during the Gen 3 playthrough, it spawned a sister room that is for movies and anime viewing, mostly on weekends.

The room includes a recently added "Update Bot" that reposts updates from the Reddit Live Updater into the rooms chat, as well as a fully customized background with TPP and room-specific images that is available for users with extensions such as Plug^3 (Plug-Cubed) or PlugX.

The room is well known for the playing of Pokemon songs as well as songs related to other games and animes, and for "Slam Jams", mashups/remixes of popular songs with the theme from 1996's Space Jam. This has also led to the release of new Slam Jams from community members, which are played often in the room.

Due to declining traffic, the TPP room closed on June 22, 2014. In its place a new room was created, Polybius, aimed at being a general gaming themed room to attract a wider range of people.

Lore and MemesEdit

Surprisingly, the room has developed its own lore, mainly surrounding "ships" of community members. After watching the fifth Pokemon movie one night, a joke formed between shipping Ash and Latias. Soon, what has been dubbed as "The Shipping Wars" began, an initial run of placing room staff members in relationships together. A few weeks later, an official family tree was developed that placed all regular room members in relationships.

Brand Ambassadors are users who visit various rooms to answer questions and assist staff members. One BA, Gin, became a regular in the TPP room. Due to BAs having green nicks in the chat, and because of events in a movie watched in the room one night, a joke was formed that he was a tree. Soon he was considered to be the "head of the family", and a god, spawned from Helix and the Dome Fossil. Other minor gods were added to the tree from various movies watched in the room, or from common songs played, such as Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley due to the high amount of "Slams" played in the room. The combination of Twitch Plays Pokemon lore with memes spawned directly in the room has created a unique and interesting lore for the room.


The original TPP family tree

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