Pokémon Species Lanturn
Level 100
Status Active (PC)
Acquired 3d 11h 19m (hatched)
Attacks Waterfall, Psychic, Oblivion Wing, Thunderbolt
Item Heracronite
Gender Female

..222, otherwise known as Swinu is a Lanturn that hatched from the egg of Swin1rhu44d5 and !uupui kkkk. Her ability is Frisk and her nature is Hasty.


She is seen as being the baby of the group, being the only one to have hatched from an egg and being adopted by Duskugbe and Ms. Pringles.


She was originally called Swinu, her species name minus the first letter, but was renamed on Day 5 to Swinu 1xcc after a visit to the Name Rater. She was later renamed to ..222.


  • She hatched as a Swinumb with the ability Unnerve then evolved into a Marshtomp with the ability Sniper.
  • She was Nina's fourth Pokémon to reach level 100.

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