(ssjj ᴹɴ..,
Nickname(s) Super Saiyan Zapdos/SSJ Zapdos
Pokémon Species Zapdos
Level 100
Status Active
Attacks Drill Peck, Sky Attack, Thunder, Double Team

(ssjj ᴹɴ.., , aka Super Saiyan Zapdos, or SSJ Zapdos, is a Zapdos caught by Abe in Twitch Plays Pokémon Anniversary Red. It was captured at level 75 with the Master Ball, exactly like its original Red counterpart AA-j.

Its attacks upon capture were the following: Drill Peck, Thunder, Agility, and Light Screen. Its excellent stats and typing were what led the Hivemind to consider using it for the upcoming Elite 4.


SSJ Zapdos is believed by some people to be the reincarnated Battery Jesus. However, this is still debated, as there are those who do not want to reuse the memes and stories of the first TPP run in Season 2.

Another common theory is that Zapdos is actually Lulu, the released Fearow, gone Super Saiyan with its rage toward the Hivemind. This is supported by the similarities between their move sets.


  • SSJ Zapdos' capture is the second time the Master Ball has been successfully used before the first Elite Four attempt. Interestingly, the first time was in TPP Red, with AA-j, also a Zapdos that was caught at the Power Plant because of its ability to counter most of the Elite Four members.
    • In some runs of Season 1, like TPP Blaze Black 2 and Omega Ruby, there were some captures of legendary Pokémon with the Master Ball, but those occurred after the main storyline was completed
  • Zapdos is the fourth Pokémon owned by Abe to reach level 100.
  • It has its own song, Super Saiyamon, by Church of the Helix Choir.

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