Nickname(s) "Sunbrella"
Pokémon Species Roserade
Level 71
Status Active
Acquired 0d 3h 5m
Attacks Absorb, Stun Spore, Petal Dance, Cut

 !☂!!☀!_!:1, also known as Sunbrella, is a Roserade that Napoleon caught. She was originally caught in a Pokeball as a Budew. She later evolved, by some miracle, into Roselia and again, by use of a Shiny Stone, into Roserade.

She has a Lonely nature, and "likes to thrash about". She has Poison Point as an ability. She was last seen holding a Bloom Mail.


Tppp sunbrella 4328

Sunbrella's Sprite designed by Sorceress_Feraly.

Sunbrella earned a permanent spot in the party after repeated foilings of attempts by the Mob to black out. Once by soloing Pearl's Piplup, and again by stalling against a Zubat long enough for it to be caught. She was one of the major perpetrators of the Second Great PC War , due to the Mob's decision only she could defeat Roark. Their belief was well-placed, as she soloed Roark at level 16 with just Absorb and Growth.

Her role in the party would decline during the attempts to defeat Galactic Commander Jupiter, and eventually plans were made to deposit her in the PC or Daycare. Finally, on Day 4, in Fantina's room, she would evolve. Trolls had been spamming X or X+A to stall Napoleon in the menu, but inadvertently had landed the Bag cursor on a Rare Candy. Seizing the opportunity, chat spammed X+A themselves until the Rare Candy was used and Budew evolved into Roselia. She proceeded to reaffirm her role in the party by taking down Fantina's Duskull solo.

A Shiny Stone taken from Iron Island was used to evolve her into Roserade.

She later had a child with another Roselia in the Daycare. But the Platinum Game Crash led to that egg being lost, along with the other Roselia.


Sunbrella is due to the sun and umbrella icons in its name.

Sometimes has the title of Empress or Queen due to her original status as the party's signature Pokemon.


There are many different interpretations of Sunbrella's character, but all share one common trait. She is the leader of the party.

Some consider her a Queen/Empress that the other party members serve. Others see her as just a Motherly figure to the party.

Due to her name, she is frequently shown with an umbrella.

Her affair in the Daycare is considered in many cases to have been a dream or fantasy.


  • Sunbrella is the second signature Pokemon to not also be the team's carry for the Elite 4. The first being Bird Jesus , who had Zapdos to carry the team.

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