Nickname(s) Steve, Captain Bronzor, The Shadowslayer
Pokémon Species Bronzong
Level 68
Status Active
Acquired 2d 3h 24m
Attacks Confuse Ray, Future Sight, Extrasensory, Payback
Item Bloom Mail
Gender None (though depicted as male sometimes)

BRONZONG, otherwise known as Steve, is a Pokemon that Napoleon caught in a Pokeball as a Bronzor.

It has an Impish nature, and "often dozes off". It has Levitate as an ability. It was last seen holding a Bloom Mail.


Tppp steve 2786

Bronzong's Sprite designed by Sorceress_Feraly.

Bronzor was caught during an attempt to fill the remaining three party slots, and grind, while trying to beat Galactic Commander Jupiter. Its powerful defensive typing of Psychic/Steel has earned it a permanent slot in the party. It was expected to sweep Maylene.

It managed to defeat Fantina with only 1hp, which earned Napoleon the Relic Badge on Day 4.

On Day 6, it began the spread of Pokerus through the party.

Near the end of Day 9, while PC Chat was still down, Mobile Chat managed to evolve Bronzor when Nyxsi's B spam accidentally started the evolution. They thanked her for the gift afterwards.

Bronzong would begin to fall behind in level as the long grind to beat Cyrus continued. However, the Mob was reminded of Bronzong's existence when it beat Giratina for them after Sunbrella severely weakened it.

Bronzong was intended to be the ace against Lucian, though his low level and poor experience gain kept that from coming fully to fruition.


Bronzong is sometimes called "Bronzonger" in a play on the popular Twitch/League of Legends meme "Donger", though no official nickname has been established.

Another possible nickname is Steve/"Captain Bronzor." Due to his former resemblance to a certain superhero. Due to the association of Unova to America, he is also sometimes called "Captain Unova."

Acquired the nickname "The Shadowslayer" for being the Pokemon to, unexpectedly, take down Giratina.


Little is known about Bronzong's Lore, as there isn't much to pull from. It is known that, prior to evolving, he moonlighted as Captain America's shield. Artwork depicts his standard attack stance as a "raise your donger" stance. He is paired with Moonbat as a comedic duo, or best friends. Steve is usually depicted as the straight guy to Moonbat's actions.


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