For the Joltik, see Sparky.
0"☀ ☀0☀☺ ☹
Nickname(s) "Sparkles", "Sunshine"
Pokémon Species Shinx
Level 63
Status Active
Acquired 0d 3h 45m
Attacks Thunderbolt, Return, Discharge, Roar
Item Bloom Mail

0"☀ ☀0☀☺ ☹, also known as Sparkles or Sunshine, is a Shinx that Napoleon caught with a Heal Ball. 

She has a Hasty nature and she "often dozes off". She has Rivalry as an ability. She was last seen holding a Bloom Mail.


Tppp sunshine 7518

Sunshine/Sparkle's Sprite designed by Sorceress_Feraly.

Sparkles was captured as a Shinx by Napoleon on his first day of adventuring. She became a member of the party by being withdrawn during the efforts to recover Budew during the Second Great PC War. She became a major focal point of frustration during the run over her inability to evolve. With 48 attempts to evolve during the run, Sparkles never once managed to evolve due to trolls spamming B to stop it.

Due to this, she was always on the bubble of the party, and usually discussions of who to deposit in case of emergency came down to her or Moonbat.

An emergency never came, though Sparkles more or less fell out of use by the late game. Her contributions to the Elite Four runs were limited, and she entered the Hall of Fame still a Shinx.


For a long time, Sparkles had a fairly tame moveset. At one point even losing all attacking moves. However, on 13d 21h 43m, Sparkles was spontaneously taught Thunderbolt from a TM in Anarchy, in the midst of grinding for Cyrus and The Distortion World.


The name Sparkles comes from the trio of suns in its name, and the fact that she's an electric Pokemon.

A more recent and, arguably, more popular name is Sunshine. Also based on the trio of suns in her name.


She is often portrayed with an upbeat personality, and sometimes portrayed as being in a relationship with Solareon. Sparkles's relationship with Solareon, however, was presumably strained when an egg was discovered while Solareon was left with 006 at the Daycare. She is also apparently somewhat unnerved at her inability to evolve.

Since the end of the run, Sunshine has increasingly been shown as accepting her inability to evolve, in part due to the acceptance of Napoleon.


  • Sparkles holds the "honor" of being the first fully-unevolved Pokémon to enter the Hall of Fame.