Slash TPP

A's alternate personality Slash with Zexy on fire and holding a red rose.

Slash, named / in game, is one of the three characters that was deleted by a soft reset.


Common lore during the middle of the Emerald run depicted the Soft Reset as her killed by A or having lost out to A's dominant personality. The latter is the more popular of the two and has inspired many pieces of fan art.

Slash is seen as sadistic and cruel to her Pokémon in particular. This can be shown by when she orders them to attack each other in double battles, or when she taunted Camila and A after Zexy's release.

TPP brainburn by jack kaiser-d7bq679

Slash taunting Camila after Zexy's release.

She is shown to take control in battles. Slash releases her sadistic personality by ordering her Pokémon to attack each other. Many believe she also the cause of both leaving Pokemon in the PC to rot, and the release of A's Pokemon.

After Zexy was released, several depictions of Slash taunting A and Camila were created. Common depictions show the normally kind, friendly, and perky Camila to hurl explicates in grief, while A just pondered on her newfound hatred.

Debate continues whether Slash is in fact a separate personality, or just part of A's conscience, much akin to the 'devil on the shoulder'.


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