Nickname(s) “Shellock Holmes”
Pokémon Species Blastoise
Level 60
Status Active
Acquired 1d 23h 20m
Attacks Octazooka, Thrash, Surf, Cut

TTABCIJIJD, also known as "Shellock Holmes" is a Blastoise caught by Alice on Route 11.

He has a Calm nature, and Vital Spirit as an ability. He was last seen holding a Super Potion.


TPP ShellockHolmes

Shellock Holmes' Sprite designed by Sorceress_Feraly.


As a Squirtle (and before his in-game nick-name change), TTABCIJIJD's frequent use of Odor Sleuth earned it the name Shellock Holmes due to the fact that it seemed he was always 'investigating' other Pokémon.  He kept this nickname throughout the rest of the playthrough, even after losing Odor Sleuth. This is similar to LazorGator's nickname, which remained the same even after the namesake move, Leer, was overwritten.


Shellock Holmes was often depicted as similar to his namesake, Sherlock Holmes, investigating Pokémon to see if they were what they appeared to be.


  • His original nickname was ATUOQQQQEE.
  • As a Squirtle, Shellock had Shield Dust as an ability, and as a Wartortle, he had the ability Guts.
  • He is the subject of the song "Shellock Holmes" by Church of the Helix Choir.

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