Nickname(s) Shaquille O'nix
Pokémon Species Onix
Level 56
Status Active (PC)
Acquired 01d 07h 57m 25s
Attacks Slam, Rock Throw, Bind, Screech
Gender None (gen 1) Male (gen 2)

BBBBBCLLLL (AKA Shaquille O'nix, Air Jordan Jr. or Bacalhau) is an Onix caught by Abe in Mt Moon. It was stored in Box 1 in the PC and was considered too much of a risk for a rescue attempt to be made, so he was never put in the party again after that.


Onix played a minor role, providing backup to the significantly more powerful Charizard. When Growleerzard was released, Onix carried the team until Paras evolved into Parasect, who quickly became the strongest Pokémon, causing him to fall behind. When Abe reached Lavender Town, he was renamed to AAAAAIIRJJ, and was believed to be a reincarnation of Air Jordan. He was again renamed, this time to BBBBBCLLLL, which caused him to be called Bacalhau by some people.



  • The nickname Shaquille O'nix is a reference to retired basketball star Shaquille O'Neal, due to Onix's persistent use of Slam, which in basketball terms refers to a player jumping and directly placing the basketball into the net. It also adds an allusion to the Lapras from the original Red runthrough, as the Lapras Air was also named after a basketball player, Michael Jordan.
  • Bacalhau is a kind of fish.

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