Nickname(s) Security Camera
Pokémon Species Steel/Psychic
Level 15
Status Released
Acquired 0d 0h 28m
Lost 0d 12h 22m
Attacks Hold Back

Iron Head Zen Headbutt Iron Defense

Gender none (depicted as male)

Beldum, otherwise known as Security Camera, is a shiny Beldum that Arty obtained through Mystery Gift during his adventures in Hoenn.

He has a Lonely nature, has Clear Body as an ability, and was holding a Metagrossite. He was (much to the chagrin of several TPP-ers) the first Pokémon released during the Gen 6.5 playthrough at 0d 12h 22m.



The nickname Security Camera is because Beldum shares a striking resemblance to a typical security camera.



  • Security Camera was the second Pokémon TPP obtained via Mystery Gift, the first being Queen Moon.

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