Nickname(s) "Scarface", "Sarfa", "Sacrifice"
Pokémon Species Combusken
Level 18
Status Released
Acquired 0d 0h 12m
Lost 0d 17h 39m
Attacks Scratch, Growl, Ember, Peck

Scarface (officially !sssssarfaa5) is Arty Haze's starter Pokémon, in Twitch Plays Pokemon Omega Ruby,or Gen 6.5.


To the dismay of many people, Arty had received !sssssarfaa5 from Professor Birch at 0 days, 0 hours, and 12 minutes.

As with Gen 3 (Pokemon Emerald), many people had wanted a Mudkip or Treecko to differentiate the Omega Ruby lore from the Emerald Lore.

After being deposited in the PC, Scarface was released using the Slateport Contest PC at 17 hours and 39 minutes.


  • !sssssarfaa5 is the first Torchic in TPP to ever evolve.

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