Nickname(s) "Satanbird", "Satan Cop"
Pokémon Species Wingull
Level 18
Status Traded
Acquired 0d 18h 48m
Attacks Water Pulse, Wing Attack, Supersonic, Mist
Gender Female

Qo’ggu62v666, also known as Satanbird, is a female Wingull caught by Arty during his journey. Satanbird was later traded to AJ Downs in exchange for Lord Chestnut.

History Edit

Qo’ggu62v666 was caught at 0 days, 18 hours, and 48 minutes.

Name Edit

The nickname "Satanbird" comes from the last three numbers of her name, 666 aka the Mark of the beast. It also fits with the naming theme of the other satanic pokemon, such as Satanbat and Juju.

Personality/Lore Edit

Trivia Edit

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