Groudon DW
Nickname(s) Satan Kenya, Kenya
Pokémon Species Groudon
Level 45
Status In PC
Acquired 4d 18h 34m
Attacks Precipice Blades, Earthquake, Rest, Lava Plume
Gender None

6, also referred to as Satan Kenya or simply Kenya, is the Groudon caught by Arty Haze to prevent the total destruction of Hoenn and possibly the world through a solar apocalypse.

It has Drought as its normal ability, but when it reverts to its Primal form by equipping the Red Orb, it gains Desolate Land. This ability causes Extremely Harsh Sunlight, which cannot be changed to other weather except if Primal Kyogre or Mega Rayquaza enter the battle, and causes all water type moves to fail.


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