Bird Jesus attempting to decipher the wisdom of the S.S. Ticket

The S.S. Ticket was a Key Item in Generation 1 (Pokémon Red) of Twitch Plays Pokémon. It was gifted to Red from Bill as a thanks for the first host of the Voices helping the PC's administrator on their first meeting in Bill's Sea Cottage. The Ticket was used to enter the S.S. Anne shortly after arriving at Vermilion City, and the ship is where HM01 Cut was received from the Captain. The first Pokémon that learned Cut were Abby the Charmeleon and Dux the Farfetch'd, the latter receiving the title of "Slayer of Trees" for it.


The S.S. Ticket was marked as a Key Item in the game and could not be removed from the player's inventory at all. Because of this, it was commonly used when viewers would end up looking in Red's bag in the overworld and during battles. Along with the Silph Scope and the Helix Fossil, it became an iconic symbol due to Red frequently seeking answers written on the ticket in desperate times of need. However, the Helix Fossil became much more popular and the S.S. Ticket's popularity waned.