Twitch Plays Randomised Platinum is the third run of Season 3 and the 18th run overall. It started July 31 2016 and ended on August 16 2016. The protagonist is Pepe and his starter is Flaredoof.

The following has been randomized:

  • Pokémon spawns
  • Pokémon types and move sets
  • Pokémon abilities
  • Pokémon stats
  • Evolutions
  • Move Power
  • Trainer classes and names
  • Items

The randomization has not affected trainer sprites and does not work within the Distortion World.

The run was initially completely in Anarchy mode until Democracy was added at 1d 21h 25m, a decision that had been decided upon hours before and was unrelated to the PC crisis at the time.


  • Unlike the previous 3 randomized runs, the protagonist is male and the same gender as the previous protagonist in the region.
  • This run was not initially planned, similar to Run 15.

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