shroomisho P
Nickname(s) OP Shroomish, Roseo
Level 41
Status Released
Acquired 0d 23h 0m
Lost 2d 5h 37m
Attacks Uproar, Echoed Voice, Defog, Endeavor
Item Nugget
Gender Male

Shroomisho p was a male Roserade caught by Nina Q during Twitch Plays Pokemon Randomized AlphaSapphire. His ability was Forewarn.


He is thought to be in some way related to Sunbrella, being either her lover, her descendent or her reincarnation.


  • His name is derived from his original species name shroomish with O and P after it. This led to his nickname of OP Shroomish, as OP is gaming slang for overpowered.
  • Roseo is a play on Romeo, the tragic lover of Juliet in Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet. They were both romantically linked to a female of their kind and both had tragic deaths.

Trivia Edit

  • He was originally a Shroomish, hence the name, with Gooey and became an Ivysaur upon evolution before finally evolving into a Roserade.

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