Nickname(s) "Rick Gastly"
Pokémon Species Gastly
Level 50 (After being left in the Daycare)
Status Active (Daycare)
Acquired 6d 23h 49m
Attacks Lick, Confuse Ray, Night Shade

Rick Gastly is a Gastly owned by Red. He was left in the Daycare so that Red could free up a party space without having to use the PC. By the time Red had defeated Blue, Rick Gastly had grown to level 50.


After the Safari Zone and Bloody Sunday, Rick Gastly was switched out for ATV.


"Rick Gastly" is derived from Rick Astley, an English singer-songwriter, musician, and radio personality. He is known for his 1987 song, "Never Gonna Give You Up", which is commonly utilized in an online prank known as a Rickroll. This nickname's trait of coming from a pop culture is shared with TPP Crystal's Shuckle, "Shuck Norris".

Lore InterpretationsEdit

While no major lore has focused on Rick Gastly, as a Pokémon caught in the middle of Bloody Sunday, it is not uncommon to see him in pieces of art and the such for Bloody Sunday as a bystander. Later, several minor interpretations surfaced, mostly of things like Rick Gastly annoying the Daycare Man while singing.