Nickname(s) Revoseed
Pokémon Species Cacturne
Level 100
Status Active
Acquired 3d 5h 21m
Attacks Shadow Ball, Overheat, Glare, Icicle Spear
Gender Female

Revoseed (nicknamed R in game) is a Cacturne caught by Nina Q as a Ferroseed in Randomized Alpha Sapphire. Her ability is Sweet Veil and her nature is Impish. Revoseed reached the Hall of Fame twice as a member of Nina's original and rematch teams.


The nickname Revoseed is a play on the name of ProjectRevoTPP, the moderator in charge of Pokémon Battle Revolution who is known in chat as Revo, and her original species name Ferroseed. The nickname stuck even after her evolution to a species outside the Ferroseed evolutionary line.


  • She was originally a Ferroseed with the ability Forewarn.
  • She was Nina's fifth Pokémon to reach level 100.

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