Nickname(s) R-Ceus, Lamp, Lampeon
Pokémon Species Flareon
Level 62
Status Active
Acquired 0d 0h 29m
Attacks Fire Punch, Rock Throw, Land's Wrath, Shadow Ball
Item Lax Incense
Gender Male

!!!!r is a male Flareon and the starter of Nina Q of the Twitch Plays Pokemon Randomized AlphaSapphire run. He has the ability Synchronize.


R-Ceus originally started off with the move Judgment, much to the amusement of the chat. He quickly became their strongest team member with a variety of powerful attacks. His usefulness dwindled when Judgment was replaced by Fairy Lock, and soon he was left with only one attacking move.

When he evolved into Lampent, his became even more useless, with calls to release him. He was placed in the Daycare by accident alongside eehh 5prrr, and was left there as the chat was too poor to retrieve him.

When he was retrieved from the Daycare following a second mass release, he rejoined the team as the strongest Pokémon.

He was deposited into the PC following a defeat at the hands of Tate and Liza.

After defeating the Elite Four for a second time, he was withdrawn from the PC at the Battle Resort and evolved using a Dusk Stone into a Flareon.


One interpretation is that he tried to rise and become a god but was impeded by the faeries who stripped him of his power then locked him in a lamp and turned him into a djinn to further punish him, hence his change from a sense of victory to a sense of defeat.

It is possible that he may have been the cause for releasing three Pokémon: 5%, Armin and Shroomish. His Pokémon species is known to hang around the souls of the dying. Whether it was intentional or an effect of the faeries' curse is debated.

He went on a quest to find the Dusk Key, an item that supposedly could break him free of his prison. He eventually found it, broke free and gained empathy, gaining the ability to synchronize with his fellow Pokémon.


His nicknames focus around the single R in his name, combining with other factors:


  • R-Ceus combines the R with the normally Arceus-exclusive move Judgment that !!!!r had as one of its first two moves.
  • Arrr comes from the stereotypical slang term used by pirates.
  • Agent R combines the R with his master's status as a possible secret agent, marking him as a secret agent as well.


  • Lamp comes from the fact that he was a Lampent and looks like a lamp.


  • Lampeon comes from being a Lampent who evolved in an Eeveelution, in this case Flareon
  • True Prophet is a reference to the False Prophet, the original Flareon from Pokémon Red.
  • Flarrreon is a callback to his piratical roots, combining one of his original nicknames with his species name.


  • He was originally a Torchic with Victory Star as his ability, then a Lampent with the ability Defeatist.

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