Queen Moon
Vivillon (Fancy Pattern)
Nickname(s) Queen Moon, Moonfly
Pokémon Species Bug/Flying
Level  ???
Status Daycare
Acquired 0d 0h 25-40m
Gender Female

  Queen Moon is an unnamed Vivillon obtained through Mystery Gift in Generation 6, Twitch Plays Pokémon X.


Around the start, there was a glitch that sent the Hivemind into the Main Menu. Since the game had been saved shortly before the glitch, the save file was already set, allowing Mystery Gift to be accessed. The Pokemon received was a Fancy Pattern Vivillon. Around this time, the Galaxy Lore called her Moonfly. However, it was soon changed to Queen Moon. She was in the party for a short time, and was then moved to the Day Care.


Her current name, Queen Moon, comes from her being royalty, and her original name, Moonfly. Her original name, Moonfly, was a combination of Butterfly and Moon. The moon part of her original name was created because she was consider the mother of Starworm and Scatterstar, and the moon in some children books is considered the mother of the stars.


Queen Moon is considered the mother of Starworm and Scatterstar, the first two bug types captured in X. Among her servants was Dipper, the protagonist, who was tasked with collecting some Weedles and Scatterbugs for the enjoyment of the two children by her. However, a couple hours after this task was completed, Scatterstar was sacrificed for the arrival of Lady Helix, causing a war between the queen and Helix. She moved to the Day Care to be safer. She eventually completed her goal of killing the Helixes, and with killing Lord Helix, became the god of TPP herself.



  • Queen Moon is the first Mystery Gift Pokémon obtained by the Hivemind.
  • Queen Moon is the second Queen in TPP, the first being Sunbrella. They could also be considered opposites, like the Moon and Sun being opposites.
  • Queen Moon is the second Pokémon to be the leader of a revolution against Lord Helix, the first being LazorGator.

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