Nickname(s) QRST, Actor
Pokémon Species Porygon
Level 17
Status Active
Attacks Tackle, Sharpen, Conversion, Mimic

QRST, also known as Actor, is a Porygon given to Paul in the KBM building during Run 17 (Pokemon Brown).

It dealt the final blow to Lily's Lapras, earning Paul the Hail Badge.


It was boxed shortly afterwards, which was taken to represent it departing the team to pursue an acting career. It later returned when the team were in the Haunted Forest, posing as a Channeller. It handed over the key item Card Key.


  • QRST is derived from the glitchy graphics that appeared prior to obtaining it.
  • Actor is an interpretation of its nickname, coupled with it knowing the move Mimic.

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