Deposits: Ponyta (HHQQQQQQyy aka High Quality Ponyta or My Little Ponyta)

Releases: Caterpie (Aaabkkkbbb aka Ahkbar)

This was a PC War in Cerulean City, while many people were trying to release the Mr. Mime. However, more people were interested in depositing Ponyta, as it was weaker. It lasted around 20 minutes.

MAIN GOAL: Deposit Ponyta

SIDE GOAL: Release Mr. Mime


Interacted with Cable Club person

Withdrew Lift Key

Withdrew Moon Stone

Left PC

Interacted with Cable Club person again

Talked to some dude, like, 3 times

Nearly saved

Commander Z33K33 tells people to deposit Ponyta

Keeps entering PC and closing out of it

Talked to an NPC again, like, 5 times

Main part of PC War

Rapid entering and closing of PC

Talked to the NPC

Talked to Cable Club lady

Apparently, 145 pokemon seen.

Left the Center.

Changed Text Speed to Slow

Entering and leaving Center

Talked to Cable Club lady

Entering and closing PC

Deposited Ponyta (16d 20h 39m 38s)

Released Caterpie (around 16d 20h 40m)

Exited Center

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