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A Pokemon Stadium 2 battle fought by AIs taking place to the side while The Hivemind plays Korg DS 10 during intermission

Pokemon Stadium 2 is the first N64 game played on the stream during Intermission. It is unique because The Hivemind doesn't play the game and instead is played by AIs while the stream simultaneously plays a DS game.


After making sure the N64 game was running properly the game was modified to allow The Hivemind to bet out the battles the AIs were fighting.

Each viewer has 1000 Pokedollars at the beginning and will always have at least 100 Pokedollars at minimum. (Subscribers get a 500 minimum as a premium bonus.) Even if one bets all their money and loses, they will keep 100 in their account. To bet, the command is : !bet AMOUNT TEAM (amount is the money you bet, only >1, and TEAM is red or blue). Winners get their bet back + an extra sum of money, while losers lose their bets. There is no way to change the team bet, and you can only increase the bet amount.


A chart of Pokemon Stadium battles beginning at 1d 01:14:45 through 0d 23:00:00
Note: Not guaranteed to include every match.
Blue Team Red Team Outcome
Moltres, Spearow, Yanma Goldeen, Hitmonchan, Phanpy Blue Win (Moltres fainted)
Flareon, Zubat, Unown Dunsparce, Forretress, Skiploom Blue Win (Flareon/Zubat fainted)
Larvitar, Pidgeotto, Cloyster Wooper, Stantler, Electrode Blue Win (Larvitar fainted)
Persian, Snorlax, Golbat Azumarill, Weedle, Dragonite Red Win (Weedle/Dragonite fainted)
Skiploom, Squirtle, Bellossom Ghastly, Rapidash, Bayleef Red Win (Rapidash fainted)
Wartortle, Clefable, Shellder Tyranitar, Wooper, Rhydon Blue Win (Wartortle/Clefable fainted)
Onix, Goldeen, Weezing Venomoth, Eevee, Chinchou Blue win (Onix/Weezing fainted)
Slugma, Snubbull, Granbull Magby, Rapidash, Gligar Blue win (Snubbull/Slugma fainted)
Exeggutor, Onix, Mankey Blissey, Wigglytuff, Clefable Blue win (Onix fainted)
Meowth, Ponyta, Delibird Weedle, Tentacruel, Misdreavus Red win (Tentacruel/Weedle fainted)
Clefairy, Mareep, Dratini Noctowl, Polywhirl, Clefa Blue win (Clefairy/Mareep fainted)
Pichu, Dugtrio, Unown Grimer, Spearow, Machop Red win (Spearow fainted)
Golbat, Sudowoodo, Flareon Feraligatr, Eevee, Lanturn Red win (Feraligatr/Eevee fainted)
Raticate, Slowking, Tyrogue Ariados, Raichu, Shuckle Red win (Raichu/Shuckle fainted)

During Gen 4+Edit

Before the start of Gen 4 (Pokemon Platinum), the streamer confirmed that Stadium would continue through the actual playthrough.

"As an aside to Pokemon Platinum random matchups in Pokemon Stadium 2 are played with random moves input for both teams, you can bet money on the outcome of these matches."

"Whether or not Pokemon Stadium 2 will persist throughout the Pokemon Platinum run depends on its effect on the run and the community."

In fact, Pokemon Stadium 2, and its subsequent betting system proved to be popular even during the Generation 4 playthrough, and has continued on through Gen 4.5 (Randomized HeartGold) and Gen 5 (Black), & Conquest, along with the intermisons in between each game

Post Gen 6Edit

After the online post-game of Pokemon X, Pokemon Stadium 2 returned as the intermission between Pokemon X and Pokemon Omega Ruby.

In addition to betting, the hivemind was now able to choose moves thanks to a weighted random number generator. which is influenced by the total bet amount of the users who have chosen that move (!move a/b/c/d). Orders that the three pokemon on each side are sent out is randomized. Furthermore, the streamer has added several scores of music from the first five generations that play during the selection phase, the final betting phase/encounter, the battle, and the winning theme.

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