Pokémon Conquest is one of the games played during the Pokemon Black to Pokémon Black 2 Intermission. It is a crossover between the Pokémon franchise and Tecmo Koei's Nobunaga no Yabō (Nobunaga's Ambition) series. As such, it features a turn-based strategy battle system. Pokémon Conquest has been played entirely in Democracy Mode by the stream, with the exception of the very beginning (the part where the Hero/Heroine is chosen) which was in Anarchy due to a small glitch near the beginning of the playthrough which was quickly corrected.


This game is said to be a prequel to the entire Twitch Plays Pokémon lore.  In it, the first vessel of the Voices, named in-game Abnp3a, was sent out to conquer all seventeen kingdoms of Ransei, and bring upon the region's creator. As the newly appointed Warlord of the Aurora nation, Abnp3a was a Normal-Type specialist, her first and main Pokémon being an Eevee. However, their bond eventually became strong enough for the Pokémon to evolve into Vaporeon.

As the game progressed, she encountered many other Warlords, all of them specializing in one of the seventeen known types of Pokémon at the time. It was believed she had a romantic relationship with Oichi, one of the Warlords who assisted Abnp3a on her conquest.

Arceus first appeared to the stream in the end of this game, becoming Abnp3a's partner before her last battle against Nobunaga thanks to the Streamer's intervention. It was often referred to as the lore representation of the Admin before, and its appearance seemed to have made canon its involvement in the Voices' arrival in the Pokémon world.


  • Her main nickname, which is used to refer to her by the community, is Lady Abin the 3rd, which consists of a reinterpretation of the random characters of her in-game name.
  • Because of her first Pokémon being Eevee, and the fact that the game was played in Democracy Mode, she is seen in lore as the ancestor of TPP's greatest antagonist in Season 1: Bill, the PC's creator.
  • To complete the game, the Streamer had to take control of inputs in order to complete the link with the legendary Pokémon.
  • This was the second game to be played in near-100% Democracy ever in TPP history.
  • This was the first Intermission game to be played all the way through its main campaign and thus the first to have its save file released.

Save FileEdit!Uh9GWbBA!5B8NNuNd41jPdvopyUs81hd4jgXp29Iff_HGMVq8y5k


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