Pewter City is a major city in the Kanto region. It lies north of Viridian City and west of Cerulean City. This city is most likely associated with Lord Amber, due to his fossilised remains being stored here and the gym leader's use of both Lord Dome and Lord Helix in battle.

Notable locationsEdit


The Pewter Museum of Science lies in the northern part of the city. There is an admission fee of $50 for every trip into the museum. The museum has two floors. The first floor features historical exhibits, such as fossilised skeletons, while the second floor features more modern and futuristic exhibits, such as a space shuttle and a mysterious stone. In HeartGold, a man on the first floor offered to convert fossils into Pokémon.

The museum also has a back entrance, which requires a small tree to be cut down to access. In the original, randomized and anniversary runthroughs, the Old Amber was obtained from this back area.


The Pewter City Gym is the location of the Rock-type gym leader Brock, as well as his subordinates Jerry, Liam and Edwin. Brock was the first gym leader to be faced by Red, Alice and Abe. Upon defeat, he conferred the Boulder badge and a TM to the trainer who defeated him, and allowed trainers to use Flash outside of battle if they could not do so already.

Notable residentsEdit


Main article: Brock

Brock is the gym leader of Pewter City Gym and an influential member of Pewter City who typically uses Rock-type Pokémon. His association with the gods is unclear, as he uses both an Omastar and a Kabutops in battle in Crystal and also uses an Aerodactyl in Anniversary Red. In FireRed, he changed to Bug-type Pokémon and in HeartGold, he used Ice-type Pokémon.

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