The Fossil Pantheon is council of the Old Gods that came to rest in Mt. Silver. The council is led by the main three; Helix, Amber and Dome.

History Edit

Since the resurrection of the Helix Fossil in Red, Twitch Plays Pokemon has followed a different set of legendary gods than the games themselves. These gods form a Pantheon of Fossils, and the addition of each new set of Fossils has brought into being lesser gods beyond the Helix, the Dome, and Old Amber.

Helix was the first god of what would become the Pantheon. Red's constant insistence that he consult the Helix fossil for what he should do lead the chat to worship the fossil as a god. Through Helix being the God of Anarchy, Dome became by extension the God of Democracy, or more specifically, the input mode 'Democracy'. While Dome promoted Democracy, and Helix promotes Anarchy, Amber teaches that each method of input has its use, and followers of Amber learn the pros and cons of each method of input, and when they should be used.

Members Edit

Dream Helix Fossil Sprite

The Council of Helix Edit

Dome Fossil Sprite

The Disciple of Dome Edit

Dream Old Amber Sprite

Followers of Old Amber Edit

The Council of Twitch Speaks Edit

The Council of Stadium Edit

The Council of Philosophy Edit

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